Being Bruce -: Tree Trimming Party

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tree Trimming Party

Lest anyone get the impression that all I do is go to parties and eat, please let me assure you that we have other, serious pursuits. Selling real estate is my profession, one which I thoroughly enjoy. I also manage a very successful office of similarly dedicated real estate professionals, the Leland office of Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty.

Oh yeah, and WE ALL like to party.

So, with that out of the way. Here's what we did today. Even though we had our Christmas party Saturday night, we still needed to trim our office tree. So today was the day. To start it all off, our official first ornament installer was none other than the esteeemed Peter David.

As soon as Peter hung that first bulb we all participated. Most of us were fairly proficient and the job was proceeding very well. Others needed a bit of guidance. Howard Bailey, for example, in the photo below, kept asking people what he should do with his, um, ornaments.

Sea Coast Leads Manager Denise Kinney, who with Office Manager Kari Essig organized the tree trimming unveiled the inevitable food. Howard looked on, still trying to figure out what was going on.

Kari Essig, pictured below, told us to stop already with the extra ornaments - the tree was officially trimmed!

Dessert cook extraordinaire Jean Costello tried to explain to Craig Spafford the essence of recipe creation. Craig was just trying to figure out if he need a fork or if he could eat the cake with his fingers.

We had so much sugary, great food we ran around inviting office neighbors to come partake and many did, including insurance people, a massage therapist, a water saleswoman, and a sports trainer.

We still had extra desserts, however, so I took a couple of plates to the Magnolia Greens new homes sales office, where front desk reindeer Jenny Defeo (who is also newly married, by the way), was very happy to receive them.

Yep, another great day at Sea Coast Realty's Leland office.