Being Bruce -: Using Blogs to Market Leland NC New Home Developments

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Using Blogs to Market Leland NC New Home Developments

This morning Marge and I met with Angie Batchelor of Pointe South Realty at the Port City Java on N. Front Street in Wilmington (there is a reason to mention the address, see below).

Angie is a good friend and our conversation covered many topics, but we primarily focused on issues about and around marketing new home communities, particularly in the Wilmington and Leland, NC region. Pointe South Realty is the marketing and sales group for Waterford of the Carolinas, Compass Pointe, and Palmetto Pointe.

A topic of mutual interest was how to most effectively use blogs with real estate. Good stuff and we're going to explore it much more aggressively in 2009. My personal interest is creating and maintaining an updated database of all new home communities in and around Leland for easy comparison by folks interested in moving to southeastern North Carolina.

The reason I mentioned the particular PCJ we went to is that I got a parking ticket. I was in a legal spot, and the time had NOT run out when I went to my car, but I was parked in the wrong direction. I never knew that was not allowed. So if you, too, are used to Front Street being a one way street (it's now two-way) and think that just because the meters are all placed at the northern end of the parking spaces that you can park facing north even on the left side of the street - that would be a big NO. It cost me $15 to learn that lesson, so I hope you don't have to pay for the same lesson.