Being Bruce -: North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce Gearing for Growth

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce Gearing for Growth

What do you do if you're a forward-thinking Chamber of Commerce in the fastest growing section of one of the most-moved-to counties in the United States? In today's demanding high-tech, high-touch, high-speed world you probably oughta be doing a complete review of your mission, vision, services, service delivery systems, and marketing.

With 322 companies on the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce rolls today, our membership is growing at a rate of more than 20% per year. We need to focus on, well, pretty much everything as we cope with and prepare for continued rapid growth.

Several NBCC board members, along with representatives from many other greater Wilmington-area nonprofit organizations, are participating in workshops and programs on Board Governance: Intentional Structures and Processes run by the University of North Carolina at Wilmington's Department of Public & International Affairs. This program is an informative, structured approach to operations, organization, and most of all strategic planning.

At last night's Board of Directors meeting we focused on marketing. Several volunteer member of the NBCC Marketing Committee made presentations and discussed our 90-day plan for upgrading our website and Internet-based information access and delivery. In the photo below committee members Steve Bon, Bob Jenkins, and Greg Norris presented website design and access concepts.

Local jingle writer Dean Powell (of interplanetary fame, BTW) played a song he wrote and produced for use as a radio commercial (complete with unidentified Chamber luminary voice-overs) and talked about the impact of a jingles and songs. (He never did get into the stickiness of echoic storage, but that's why songs stick in our heads, and why they work - stimulus we hear persists much much longer than stimulus we see (aka "iconic storage"), which further explains why you can remember a song quicker than a logo.)

In the photo below the ever-dapper Dean Powell (you can tell he's a friend, right?) made an animated point to the assemblage.

When the marketing committee finished their presentations, the board conducted a regular meeting. Much is going on this year and we're all excited and trying to stay focused in this sugar-laden holiday season. Below NBCC Board members Earline Kroll and Connie Reeves discussed on-going projects.

Laura Patterson and Tony Vlach talked about the upcoming NBCC Christmas Party (it's on December 18th at the Magnolia Greens Golf Course club house, y'all - call 910-383-0553 for details and tickets!) while in the background Dean Powell got an early start on the next agenda item.

Just in case you wonder if we got away with consuming delectable dietary delicacies . . . nope, we didn't. We lined up for massive quantities of carbohydrates, mostly in the form of simple sugar Christmas desserts, though in truth someone snuck in some protein, which also rapidly disappeared.

So we conducted business, we listened and watched some presentations (we'll remember what we heard longer than what we saw, correct?) and we ate. I'd call that a good meeting - what about you?