Being Bruce -: OK the Vote Is In, ABBA over Bee Gees!

Monday, December 22, 2008

OK the Vote Is In, ABBA over Bee Gees!

OK, so Marge and I drove to Connecticut Saturday to hang out with family during the Christmas holiday. We're going to see lots of people and do lots of things, so you can kind of count on my blog being about our visit for the next few days.

Today, however, an important determination was reached and I can't wait to share. Our granddaughter Annabel is definitely an inside kind of kid. As the photo below shows, when you suit her up to go outside, she's not a happy kid.

Our Grandson Seamus, on the other hand, digs being outside. He even enjoys cleaning snow off cars with a lacrosse stick.

When she's inside, however, Annabel is in her element.

She's quickly becoming a boater, but I think she'll prefer to boat in North Carolina, or at least when it's summertime in New England.

When he's inside Seamus is big on furniture gymnastics.

Annabel, however, starts laughing and swaying whenever she hears music. So, being a music fan myself, I decided to check out her preferences. I started with the Bee Gees and she was OK with that. BUT, when I started playing ABBA, the girl got down! She jumped and rocked her head to Waterloo, Honey Honey, and several other cuts. Now I'm really looking forward to family weddings because there's another natural dancer in the family!