Being Bruce -: Spectrum Art and Jewelry Holiday Benefit and Fund Raiser

Friday, December 12, 2008

Spectrum Art and Jewelry Holiday Benefit and Fund Raiser

Marge and I had a fine time at the Holiday Benefit and Fund Raiser at Star Sosa's Spectrum Art and Jewelry last evening. As usual we arrived early and left pretty early, too, but a nice group of appreciative attendees was growing when we left. The event was a fund raiser for the local Brigde Boys and Girls Club and some cute (and also appreciative) kids were in attendance.

Marge and I are big fans of Star's gallery and her assemblage of work from artists and craftsfolk who are all her friends. Last night we were particularly drawn to a display of very colorful ceramic and metal gift items. If the idea of going Christmas shopping in an exclusive art gallery throws you off because you're concerned everything will be very expensive, think again and check out Spectrum this season.

Sure, they do display beautiful paintings, jewelry, and glass works priced in the thousands of dollars, but you can also find plenty of attractive, handmade gifts for much less and you can be sure when the recipients open them they won't have seen the same gift (or given it themselves) before.

There are nice items at Spectrum starting at $12 and many under $25 and $50, so unless your budget is limited to only a couple of dollars, take a break from the noise and bustle at the bigger stores and check out Spectrum Art and Jewelry in the Forum Shops in Wilmington (opposite Mayfaire).
There are two other benefits to shopping at Spectrum: you'll be supporting the arts, which is always a good thing in my mind, and you get to meet some super nice people as that's the only kind Star work with. (Like I said, Marge and I unabashed fans. And, oh yeah, we did find -and buy- a gift for an important person in our life but we not going to say what it is or who it's for because she reads this blog. Hint - it's not ceramic or metal art.)

I have a new tag line for Spectrum Art and Jewelry (not that they asked): "Home town people - big city art!"