Being Bruce -: Sea Coast and the North Brunswick Chamber Threw a Party and Santa AND Elvis Came!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Sea Coast and the North Brunswick Chamber Threw a Party and Santa AND Elvis Came!

Thursday night's North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce Christmas party was a lot of fun. Sponsored by Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty, State Farm Insurance, and Bugsy's Cigars, for the benefit of the attendees and for Manna Ministries.

Approximately 90 people attended the event, but Santa and Mrs. Claus came early and stayed till the end, which was a real treat, even for Santa who soon doffed his cap and coat and chilled with the peeps.

At one point Santa helped NBCC President Peggy O'Leary hush the crowd, which was only partly successful, given the energy and excitment in the room. Santa had already taken off his coat.

Santa also conferred and posed with NBCC Board Member and Social Committee Chair Laura Patterson. Laura's committee planned the party (note: Ms. Claus was second-in-charge).

Sponsor Franklin Rouse and Kate Lucas from State Farm had a strong showing at the party.

As did Sharon and Frank Bullard of Bugsy's Cigars, another sponsoring company.

Board member and NBCC VP Victor Pearsall and his enthusiastic wife had a great time.

As did Erin Alderman of Nationwide Insurance and Daztech's Jon Spetrino,

jingle-writer, illustrator, and livewire Dean Powell,

and a whole passle of other folks. In the photo below I recognize Dan Cameron and his wife Sharon, and Michael Wright.

Entertainer J.R. Therrien kept the music playing and the entertainment level high. He appeared as a 50s bebop musician, Roy Orbison, and as Elvis:

J.R. and fellow entertainer Madonna played for the crowd and serenaded many individuals. Here he's singing to CBSCR agent Brenda Freckleton's husband George

Sea Coast Realty had a good contingent in attendance and we partied. As Platinium Sponsors of the event we are strong supporters of the Chamber and its mission. We also like to dance. Below are Joan and Peter David and Brenda and George Freckleton. And they weren't just hugging, they were dancing! Joan David never stopped moving all evening. I hadn't met Peter's wife before, but she loves to dance!

Sea Coast Leads Manager Denise Kinney talked with Broker Jean Costello and her husband Jim Costello, a commercial real estate broker with Coldwell Banker Sun Coast.

Jean and Jim also hit the dance floor.
During the whole event, in the back of the room, Ava Grace Williams just snoozed. Newly born daughter of NBM Magazine publishers Kristy and Justin Williams, Ava Grace was dressed for the occaision but is saving her energy for when she can hit the dance floor herself.

Santa, sans coat and hat, watched the whole thing with a twinkle in his eye, saving HIS energy for next week.