Being Bruce -: Leland Christmas Parade 2008 - Santa, Elves, Candy, Kids, Cool Cars, and Dogs!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Leland Christmas Parade 2008 - Santa, Elves, Candy, Kids, Cool Cars, and Dogs!

It was a bit nippy this morning when we first arrived at the staging area for the Leland, NC 2008 Christmas Parade. The North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce had five cars in the parade

As we stood around talking about Chamber of Commerce type stuff, we watched a wide variety of vehicles, floats, and groups appear to take part in the parade. Cool older cars drove in frequently.

The Shriners also showed up with a marching band, tiny cars, and a choo-choo train.

Many area churches were on hand, often with small floats and numerous small parishoners singing Christmas caroles.

Leland's own Santa and Ms. Claus (who are both often seen in disguise civilian dress at Chamber of Commerce events) were also on hand. Santa got a big hug from an elf whose last name rhymes with Smith.

Before the parade started Mr. and Ms. Claus posed for many photos - a gracious pause by the highly photogenic couple.

The grounds of the First Baptist Church staging area were crowded with many marching groups.

Even the local martial arts school had a float, complete with a few would-be ninjas with Santa hats.

With so many of parade participants we began to wonder if there was anyone left to actually watch the parade. The parade started at 10AM at the First Baptist Church and ended at the Food Lion parking lot. There were scattered folks along the sides of the road as we approached the center of town, including some lovingly protected from the cold.

Many floats and car riders threw candy to kids on the sides of the parade route, which meant we had to be very careful of darting young'uns. We also had to keep a look out that we didn't tail end the vehicle in front of us (oops, if you look closely you'll see someone already did - though not in the way you'd expect!).

The crowds got thicker as we neared the end of the parade.

And, in true southeastern style, not all of the attendees wore clothes.

It was a lot of fun riding in the Leland Christmas parade this year. I saw (and heard shouts from) a bunch of friends along the route. I hope someone posts a lot of shots of the whole parade because I know I saw only the folks who were in the same parade section.