Being Bruce -: Leland CBSCR Christmas Party

Monday, December 8, 2008

Leland CBSCR Christmas Party

Bentley Willis greeted us at the door of Naomi and Ophard Willis' home in Magnolia Greens for the Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty Leland office Christmas party Saturday night.

We had plenty of food on hand provided by the many fine cooks in our office. Getting it ready below are Lorri Shipton and Kari Essig while Brenda Freckleton supervises.

Once the food was out we had to take photos fast because it didn't last long.

Marylouise and Ken Karcher and Ruth and Craig Spafford shared nuclear energy stories,

while Candace (not sure of her last name) and Sean Skutnik, Dan and Regina White, and Tim Shipston made sure Lorri Shipston and Kari Essig got the dessert table just right.

Lorri and Tim Shipston won the couple pose-off, especially important since one person's football team wasn't doing too well that night.

Marge Brown took the make-a-Christmas-tree-behind-your-back-with-construction-paper game as a great chance to demonstrate what the map of the state of Connecticut really looks like.

Guardians at the gate, our three bouncers, Ophard Willis, Les Christensen, and Tim Milam, made sure no one crashed the party. In true bouncer style, they dressed and looked pretty much alike, a great defensive maneuver in case paparazzi showed up and they had to get stern. Fortunately, the only photogs were already at the party.

Thanks, Naomi and Ophard, for opening your lovely home to us all. We had a marvelous time.