Being Bruce -: Jessica lost 45 pounds in 3 months with TurboJam and Shakeology!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jessica lost 45 pounds in 3 months with TurboJam and Shakeology!

In Jessica's own words:

"Teenagers should NOT weigh 180 pounds. Especially girls. But I did. I wasn’t happy about it. I just accepted it as who I was, and who I’d always be. I figured that I couldn't lose weight even if I tried—so I didn’t try. Instead, I laid around, ate junk, and avoided exercise. I was hiding from the world, didn’t want to talk to people, make friends, or express my opinion. I felt like a prisoner in my own body and hated it. I absolutely hate it!

But then I got tired of not being able to fit into clothes. Nothing in my closet fit anymore and when I did go shopping, all the sizes were too small. I so badly wanted to look good in clothes so I could feel like myself and have my own style. I wanted to be skinny and have abs like the fitness trainers on TV. But I knew that the longer I waited to lose the weight, the harder it would be to get rid of it. Then one day I flipped the channel to a Turbo Jam infomercial and instantly became inspired. I heard the testimonials and thought: They did it, so why not me?

The first time I did Turbo Jam it was so much fun that it didn't feel like exercise at all! And sticking with the workouts was easy because I didn't have to go to a boring gym and could do it in the privacy of my own home. I also liked how the program incorporated dance, fitness, punching, and kicking—which made me feel powerful and strong. The music matched the workouts and Chalene’s energy gave me energy. Her tips were useful and she was so motivating that each time I worked out, I was inspired to do better than the last. With Turbo Jam, I had found my soul mate. But it wasn’t just exercise that helped me shed the pounds, it also had a lot to do with Shakeology. Because Shakeology is sweet like dessert, it curbed my cravings and helped me put down the junk. Plus, it’s so nutritious that my body finally got what it needed to function properly.

I’m so proud of myself for losing 45 pounds when I was so young. Turbo Jam completely toned my body and gave me more muscle than I ever thought was possible. And the best part—I entered High School with a new body, tons of confidence, and a wonderful wardrobe. Because of everything I learned, I now make healthy food choices and don't miss eating junk food one bit because it makes me feel gross (and I’d rather feel light and fantastic).

I started working out to lose weight and to fit in clothing, but now I do it to have energy, feel confident, and get pumped up for the day. Now, I truly believe that I can do ANYTHING and nothing can stop me. Since completing Turbo Jam in ‘08, I’ve done Turbo Fire, INSANITY, and P90X and can’t believe how much my life has changed. It makes me feel so good knowing I’ve inspired friends and family to become healthier, too. It just goes to show you that anything is possible if you're determined to get there! Thanks Beachbody—for the new me."

If you'd like to try it yourself (with a 30-day money back guarantee), Beachbody offers a TurboJam Challenge Pack with both TurboJam and Shakeology at a discounted price. For info, CLICK HERE.