Being Bruce -: Body Beast Success Story - Rui

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Body Beast Success Story - Rui

Rui went from mush to ripped with Beachbody's Body Beast.

In Rui's own words:

"My days of eating whatever I wanted and it NOT impacting my body are long gone. At 29, my metabolism is very different now than what it was even a few years back. Not wanting to let my body turn into complete mush, I decided it was time to clean up my eating as well as adopt a fitness routine that would give me that extra edge. I hunted around for a while and was bummed that I couldn’t find a workout that gave me the kind of results I so badly desired. Then one day an old college buddy (who’s now a Beachbody Coach) showed me his Body Beast® transformation video and I was hooked—he looked AMAZING! The second I saw his results I said, “That's EXACTLY what I want! And I’m going to get it, no matter what. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is going to get in my way.”

I chose Body Beast because I really wanted to bulk up, not slim down. And unfortunately, it’s really hard for my body to gain muscle; but when it comes to packing on the fat, I gain that like nobody’s business. Early on in the program I quickly realized that my biggest hurdle was making the right meals choice to support my workouts. Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition—it really makes you or breaks you—and I wanted it to make me. So I joined Coach Charlie’s Body Beast Facebook Group where we shared recipes that are guy-friendly, as well as shared ideas on how to prepare our meals by doing things like cooking in bulk on the weekends so you have healthy options throughout the week.

The other key player in my transformation was drinking Shakeology® every single day. And since I'm always on the run in the mornings, instead of grabbing some empty calorie junk at a deli on the way to work, I drink my Shakeology and it sets me up for success throughout the rest of the day. Shakeology’s awesome. It’s fast, it’s healthy, and it fights off hunger between meals. I’m hooked.

But the best part of Body Beast is its overall mentality of BEAST UP! That attitude really gets me going. Plus, Sagi’s a great trainer. He's motivational and he has the perfect beast mentality. Overall, I feel so much better now that I beasted up with this program and changed my diet. I have so much more stamina, and feel healthier and sexier. You name it, I feel it. To sum it up, I feel like The Terminator: Stronger, faster, smarter! Before Beast, I hadn’t seen my abs since I was in high school. I thought it was a lost cause. When I started seeing them again I was super proud of myself. I still can't believe it. Are they still there? (Checking now) OK. They’re still there—WOW!

When I look in the mirror and see the way my clothes now fit, I know I lost a ton of fat; I just replaced the flab with a ton of rock-solid muscle. I even beefed up my biceps by 2 inches and my body fat went from 13% to the single digit of 9%.

But I couldn’t have done it without my amazing Coach, Charlie. He’s been there for me every step of the way. From motivating me to do my workouts on days I felt lazy, to driving home the point that the nutrition is the MOST important part of the formula. Charlie has definitely played a huge role in my success—thanks buddy. And thanks Sagi and Beachbody. Because of you guys, I am now—The Beast."

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