Being Bruce -: Big Announcements from Summit - Vanilla Shakeology and Focus T25

Friday, June 21, 2013

Big Announcements from Summit - Vanilla Shakeology and Focus T25

The Beachbody Coach Summit is our national Team Beachbody convention.

Summit is awesome this year. You couldn't fall down anywhere in the MGM Grand without hitting a Team Beachbody Coach. There are 7,000+ of us here, about double the number from last year and this place (which if you've never been here is totally huge, like you can't believe how huge - 6,852 rooms and it's the largest hotel-resort complex in the United States), anyway, this place is SEETHING with Team Beachbody Coaches.

There are so many of us that the typical Vegas hotel clientele just stop and stare at so many fit and healthy folks walking through - usually at a brisk pace - off to one event or another in the complex. From parties, to training workshops to team meetings (go UFT!) to general sessions in the MGM Grand Arena, there is loads going on.

Two big announcements - and we're promised by Tony, Jeff, and Michael that these will be the primary announcements so that everyone can focus on them for the summer- the launch of Shaun T's Focus T25 (which we all knew was coming) and, the big surprise, Vanilla Shakeology!!!

Focus T25

I had kinda thought (before) that Focus T25 would be a condensed, extreme version of Insanity - not so! Focus T25 is for everyone - there are three phases and each can be modified. The base Focus T25 package comes with Alpha and Beta phases. Alpha teaches the basic moves and techniques (including low impact) and Beta takes it up a big notch in speed. There's also a Gamma phase upgrade that goes crazy. Most people will be challenged enough to get great workouts from Alpha and Beta, I believe.

So check it out and learn about it - Focus T25 may be the best recommendation for many people.

Here's a link to a video that tells all about Focus T25. CLICK HERE.

Special Promotion - Focus T25 Challenge Pack So also, one last biggie about Focus T25. Starting Monday, June 24 through the end of July the Focus T25 Challenge Pack will be available at a special launch price of $180 (August 1st it goes to it's normal price of $205). You can see it starting on June 24 at

Vanilla Shakeology

The big surprise yesterday was the announcement of Vanilla Shakeology. For years Beachbody has been trying to find a good source of real vanilla (not fake GMO crap) that is strong enough to mask the flavors of the other superfoods in Shakeology. They almost launched a version in 2010 but canned it because the proposed 'natural', 'FDA-approved' flavoring was horse pucky (oops, I meant 'not good' stuff). Now they've got the real deal, with organically grown, handcut vanilla from Madagascar. This will be huge for our Shakeology business. Gonna try some today at the CORE (the mega Beachbody store that's part of Summit).

Here's a video that tells the story of the brand new Vanilla Shakeology: CLICK HERE.

So those are the two biggies from Summit. Wish you were all here!!!

In fitness and health,