Being Bruce -: Weight Loss Tips - Gradual Approach

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weight Loss Tips - Gradual Approach

 Gradual Approach

Be sure to get your doctor’s approval before you start any workout program and also let your doctor know about your plan to gradually increase the duration and intensity of the workout program(s) you intend to follow.

When we began our new workout programs, we were determined to avoid injury and we recommend that you adopt that same determination. Marge started with a two-part program that was included with her health shake. The
first part was a thirty-minute workout and the second part was a fifty-minute workout.

After four weeks of successfully completing the thirty-minute workout, she promoted herself to the fifty-minute workout. After a few more weeks of mastering this segment, she graduated to a totally different three-step workout program with cardio, light weight lifting and flexibility routines. This kept her challenged for several months, and it was during this time that she lost most of her weight.

Bruce likes to dance so he combined some dance workouts with a more extensive program that challenged him with cardio, strength, yoga, and flexibility training. Like Marge, he permitted himself to gradually master the more demanding portions of the workout program and is now ready to move onto the challenging sequel to his workout program,

What does a gradual workout approach look like for you? By selecting workout programs that you enjoy, it’s easier to push yourself to the next level. For example, if you enjoy swimming, then adding 10 additional laps to your current regimen could be the next step for you. If you enjoy dance routines, then trying a workout of longer duration and higher intensity is potentially a good next step for dropping unwanted pounds.

It’s fun to revisit the workouts you used at the beginning of your weight loss journey to experience how easy they become once you’ve moved on to more strenuous workouts.


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