Being Bruce -: Weight Loss Tip -

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weight Loss Tip -

 Settle in Then Adapt

Significant change towards a healthier lifestyle that supports your ideal weight requires patience. We advise you to “Settle in Then Adapt.” This means give your positive diet changes a chance to show results.

Your body needs time to reflect the benefits of a nutritious diet. It’s not uncommon for evidence of physical improvements to take 30, 60, or even 90 days to appear. Every body is different, so it’s difficult to predict how long it will take for your improved diet to give you the results you’re looking for, along with your fitness program, of course.

Stick with your chosen plan and don’t switch from one diet plan to another or you’ll never know which program is best for you.

Once you've given your new diet a chance, it's great to adapt it to add additional or different items for variety, preferred taste, and perhaps to even improve the nutritional spectrum. One common factor that people adjust, for example, is fiber. Once your body has adapted to a change in fiber intake, you may find you want to make adjustments. This is one area, however, where making changes too early won't give your body a chance to get used to the new components or quantities.

One often highly pleasurable aspect of adopting a new and healthier lifestyle and diet is that you'll discover new sources of information, including new ingredients, recipes, sources of food, and even food combinations or alternatives. The cultural practice of recipe exchange can really work in your favor as you can get new ideas and support from people with similar diets.

The overall point is to give your new approach to eating adequate time to work and your body adequate time to accommodate and then feel free to experiment to improve both the experience and the nutritional benefit.


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