Being Bruce -: Weight Loss Tip - Shake Up Your Diet

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Weight Loss Tip - Shake Up Your Diet

Shake Up Your Diet

The most significant lifestyle change we made to achieve our weight loss goals, in addition to ramping up our daily workouts, was to start drinking a superfood health shake each day as a substitute for lunch. Neither of us had ever used any type of health shake as part of our regular diet, so this was part of the change we made to get results.

Remember, if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting the same results! If you want different results, you have to be willing to make one or more lifestyle changes.

What’s a superfood? If you read the article, “6 Superfoods That Will Change the Way You Eat”, in the May issue of  The Oprah Magazine, you’ll learn some interesting facts about the downside of eating the processed foods in the American diet that are poor in nutrition and have fattened our population to a point where two-third of adults and one-third of children are either overweight or obese. Superfoods, with ingredients gathered from farms around the world that still have nutrients in their soil, can boost your immune system and minimize fats and toxic chemicals in your system.

After learning about the benefits of adopting superfoods in our diet, we were excited to try Beachbody’s Shakeology® Health Shake as part of our weight loss program. Within a week of drinking Shakeology each day for lunch, we each shed a few pounds, had noticeably more energy, and enjoyed the feeling that we were feeding our bodies such a high quality substance each day. You can learn more about Shakeology at

We highly recommend that you educate yourself on the benefits of adding superfoods to your diet as soon as possible.

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