Being Bruce -: Weight Loss Tips - Focus on Enjoyment

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Weight Loss Tips - Focus on Enjoyment

 Focus on Enjoyment

When you’re creating your diet to maintain your ideal weight, be sure to work with your professional to include as many of the things you like as possible. If you feel deprived, you’ll tend to feel negative, which, as we explain in another tip, can lead to self sabotage. Focusing on what you like to eat and including as much in that category as possible in your nutritious diet plan, will not only feed your body well, but will boost your positivity towards your commitment to wellness.

The most noticeable diet change at the beginning of our weight loss journey was toeliminate cold cut sandwiches for lunch. Sandwiches in many forms had been a staple of our work-at-home life for years.

Once we tried the Shakeology meal replacement shake with a variety of frozen fruit and even peanut butter, we realized that not only could we feed our body with better nutrition, but our chocolate shakes seemed more like a dessert! We have never looked back or have felt deprived to eliminate relatively boring homemade cold cut sandwiches from our diets.

Marge has always enjoyed nuts for a snack, but it wasn’t until we discovered Marcona Almonds, a gourmet Spanish delight, that Bruce incorporated more nuts in his daily diet.

Focus on what you can have that you enjoy, not on what you can’t have, and you’ll have more reasons to be enthusiastic about your healthy diet. We hope you find many unexpected treats in your improved diet, as we did!


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