Being Bruce -: Why I Go Public

Friday, September 30, 2011

Why I Go Public

It's pretty noticeable that as I work on my health, weight, and fitness goals I'm making it all very public. Not everyone is so open about their before and after shots and their continued progress, of course, and I don't claim that it's necessary, or even a good thing, but it is something I do and it works for me in several ways.

Here's the latest photo I posted:

The major reasons I publish photos of myself with my shirt off and with my weight and body fat numbers are:
  • It helps keep me honest in my fitness journey - if I know I'm going to put up a photo monthly, that's another reason for me to stick with it.
  • The support I get from family and friends is not only gratifying, it also encourages me to keep to it.
  • Fairly often I get messages from people (some in person, some on social media, some on the phone or by email) that I've inspired others to make changes for better in their lives by being public with my efforts.
  • I like to connect and keep in touch with people including sharing photographs of what folks are doing, so this lets me be very personal - these aren't the only types of photos I post, but probably the ones that get the most (positive) reactions.
  • It's also true that as a Team Beachbody Coach I get business by being out there with my results, but that's fine with me as long as I'm open about it and not endorsing something in public while benefitting in private. So yeah, I do make money if people buy Beachbody products via my website: I'm using (and selling) the products because they have worked so well for me and I'm healthier and stronger than I've probably ever been ... so why wouldn't I want to share that with people I care about?
So that's it. I'm out there with my photos and progress. I know it doesn't work for everyone, but as I wrote above, it works for me.