Being Bruce -: Getting Ready for P90X2

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Getting Ready for P90X2

I'm in my fourth week of P90X. I took two weeks off after finishing the first cycle of P90X at the end of July and now I'm back at it.

I found that I started this second round a bit slowly, but now I'm fully back into it (for example, I can feel yesterday's workout a bit in my shoulders, lol).

There are many reasons I'm working P90X hard, but one of them is I want to give myself a good chance to be ready for P90X2 when it comes out later this fall.

I pre-ordered P90X2 the first day it was available (September 1st) so hopefully I'll be among the first to receive it. I know the demand is high and people who delay in pre-ordering P90X2 may need to wait till 2012 to receive it.

The other good things about pre-ordering P90X2 are:
  • free shipping (saves about $40)
  • your credit card isn't charged till the order ships
  • as with every Beachbody product, you can return it in 30 days if it's not right for you and get your money back (except for any shipping charges)
  • two extra workouts are included in pre-order versions
  • weekly sweepstakes drawings from among the people who preorder - the earlier you order, the more often you're in the sweepstakes (works for me).
So now I'm off to workout again, enjoying the workout, enjoying the day, and getting ready for P90X2!

If you want  to pre-order P90X2, please feel free to visit my website, to get your order in early!