Being Bruce -: Business Networking Events Aren't One Night Stands

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Business Networking Events Aren't One Night Stands

I was reminded late in the year that while many people who can and do benefit from building their business by adding business networking events to their relationship marketing mix, there are many who just don't get it. They just show up, see some people they know, say "Hi", maybe have some appetizers and a beer or glass of wine and then leave. Later, they say, "Nah, business networking events don't work."

Sorry, but you've got the wrong idea.

If you'd like information on how to really make the most of business networking events, well, I do have a book about it, 31 Days to Networking Events Mastery.

It's available on in both print and Kindle versions and, if you live in southeastern North Carolina, Clif Bridgers also carries it at RBR Books in Leland, NC.