Being Bruce -: What a Birthday! - Videos, Photos, and an Award!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

What a Birthday! - Videos, Photos, and an Award!

First of all, I just want to express my deep-felt gratitude for being alive, for being healthy, for Marge and our extended family, and for all my wonderful friends. So thank you. Many of you helped make yesterday a special day for me.

In this blog post I'm going to share news about the  book award voting and some video clips and images people sent.

First off, since December 8th I was highly focused on gathering support for my entry in The Small Business Trends Book Awards 2010 voting.
My book 31 Days to Greeting Card Marketing Mastery

was a late entry in the voting, which started December 1st, but in the end, of the 107 books in the voting, this book was voted 8th in the overall voting (all categories) and 3rd in the Marketing category. So thank you. Many of you saw this  image so often  you likely can use a break from it, but I'll show it one more time (lol):

I received many birthday wishes on Facebook. I don't know the number, I started to count but lost track and realized the total doesn't matter (I need to get out of voting mode, lol). Each birthday wish was important and special to me.

Many many of you, via Facebook and otherwise, sent me personal messages, either in clear or privately and that was really sweet.

One person even (I think temporarily) changed the person's FB profile image to a barely (sic) covered birthday suit image - but I won't display that one here.

Overall, I had a lot of laughs, a bunch of smiles, and, admittedly, even a few tears. You guys rock.

And in keeping with that sentiment, here's a video that Lynn Shoemaker sent that had me on my feet rockin':

Moxie Floral Design's Cynthia White Lee sent Marilyn:

Marilyn Monroe sings Happy Birthday To J.F Kennedy.

And Cheryl Janecky sent this video: "Happy Birthday" by Aaron Copland, played at 70th Birthday tribute to Leonard Bernstein at Tanglewood, 8/25/88.

We have some cute aliens from Janelle Manton:

And more aliens from Nick Kentrolis:

Plus these cute little non-alien granddaughters, Libby (who lip synchs)and Annabel (who actually sings):

Got some cool images, too.

Thanks to:

Lounge-A-Rama for the letter candles,

Susan Holsinger for the kaleidoscope that she said reminded her of me (which I loved):

Steve Rassin for the cupcake with candles:

and my friend Lori Chappelle who decided I needed a crown!

Thank you folks. Thank you for your votes, for your birthday wishes, for your friendship, and for Being You!