Being Bruce -: Please vote! One of my books is up for an award - Update 12/13/10

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Please vote! One of my books is up for an award - Update 12/13/10

Wow, we're in 12th place! At the home stretch, voting ends Wednesday night. Every vote counts.

In the past year Marge and I have published six titles in our 31 Days Mastery series of business and personal development books. One of them, 31 Days to Greeting Card Marketing Mastery, is in the voting for the Small Business Trends Book Awards 2010.

I'm pretty excited about this but we got a late start, I just received notice December 8th that the book is in the running. I starting out behind 29 other books in the same category (Marketing) and 105 books that have been getting votes since December 1st.

Update: As of this morning, my book has 670 votes, enough to put it in 5th place in the Marketing category and 12th place overall. Turns out the place to be is in the top 10 overall in order to be able to get an award to display online and for bragging marketing rights.

I really appreciate your support and ask that if you would, please continue to vote each day through the 15th, which is the end of the voting and (coincidentally) my birthday! I fully expect many of the other books in the voting to have big surges of support during the last few days, so your vote(s) will totally count. Thanks again.

I would very much appreciate your vote. You can vote every day from now till 11:59PM December 15th (which coincidentally is my birthday). I'm sending email to friends and using social media to ask for votes but believe me your vote(s) will count. If you'd like to forward this to other folks I'd appreciate it. And when you vote, you can also hit the Tweet This! button and maybe that will help me get some more votes, too.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Of course part of the reason to participate in this voting is to sell books. If anyone is interested in buying 31 Days to Greeting Card Marketing Mastery, it's available in two places:

From at this link.

And from RBR Books in Leland, NC, a small, independent, totally awesome bookstore owned and operated by my friend Clif Bridgers and his wife Laura.