Being Bruce -: Trying Out an Olive Oil-Based Shaving Gel

Monday, December 6, 2010

Trying Out an Olive Oil-Based Shaving Gel

In early March 2009 I posted a YouTube video about using Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVO) as a moisturizer.

Since then I've had a few inquiries about it and several thousand views of the video. A couple of weeks ago the folks from Oliveology, Inc., in New York, wrote to ask if I'd like to try their olive oil-based shaving gel and, if I liked it, if I'd put up a YouTube video. So I said, "Sure."

So they sent me sample (meaning I didn't pay for them)one 8oz and one 2oz travel size bottle of Oliveology ShaveGel.

ShaveGel is a 3-function product: it conditions, lubricates, and moisturizes your skin.

I've been using it since Saturday now and will continue using it. First, on Saturday, I used it with a brand new (disposable Wilkinson) razor. Here's the video I posted after that:

And then on Sunday I used an old razor (same brand) that I'd used for probably a month.

Here's that video:

So here's the bottom line about my testing and very subjective reactions:
  • You use very little of the product, a small drop is enough, so it ought to last a long time
  • It's clear, so you can see what you're shaving
  • When I used the new blade it felt great, and I didn't catch my skin anywhere and cut myself, which I often do with a new razor
  • The old razor didn't drag on my skin, which was why I stopped using it earlier - but I saved it for this test.
  • As far as I can tell there's no odor to this product, so you won't walk around smelling like a salad (although my sense of smell is pretty dismal, so don't count on it. I did ask Marge, however, and she didn't smell anything either). 
  • It's very convenient not to have to use an aftershave or moisturizer after shaving -this is really two products in one. What I did was just sort of rub my face a once after shaving. Didn't  need to rinse off extra shaving cream.
So that's it:
  • It feels good
  • Works as promised
  • Saves some time and maybe money (because you use so little and because it's also a moisturizer)
  • I like it.
After I posted the videos on YouTube the folks at Oliveology wrote to say that after I've used ShaveGel for a week or more my face will be smooth as a "baby butt". Okay, I guess that's a good thing. Mostly I just want a close shave without cutting or burning my skin.

If you're interested in this product, check out the Oliveology website.

 Please note that I'm not connected with this company, they're not paying me for this, and I don't get a cut. I did, however, get some nifty free shaving gel, but I basically did this because I was intrigued by it and because of my earlier video.