Being Bruce -: What's Your 3-Step Program?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

What's Your 3-Step Program?

I encourage you to Step Up!

Life's full of 7 steps to this, 4 steps to something else, 12-step programs, quicksteps to success (playing with words a bit here to combine dance and motivation, two of my favs), and even stairways to places you really want to go.

I suggest, however, that to make it simpler to understand and to act, you can bring it all down to three steps. So here's my Being Bruce's 3-Step Program.

The subject matter: You and Life (or you could substitute "You and Opportunity" if you wish).

So here's the deal, when you are presented with opportunity, when life says, "Hey, here I am, here's something you can do!", you have three choices:
  • Step Down
  • Step Aside
  • Step Up
 If you Step Down, in my mind you're saying "no" to life and to opportunity. Sort of a, "Okay, I'm getting off the stage, I'm not in this play." It's certainly your choice, and your right, but why back away from life?

If you Step Aside, it may be this opportunity, this part of life isn't right, doesn't feel right, or for whatever reason (good, bad, or whatever) you're just not going there. But you're not taking yourself out of the game. You stay on stage, you remain in the game, looking for what's coming next. I suggest you be careful about being too quick to Step Aside, however, or doing it too often, because it can be a way to avoid  making decisions or to not really be in the game and just on the sidelines. (And, switching metaphors once again, you know what happens to people on the sidelines .... they often get run over by the active players!)

When you Step Up, that's when you say, "Okay, I'm in. Bring it on, let's get started, let's see what we can make happen with this."

So that's it. My Being Bruce's 3-Step Program is simple. I encourage you to Step Up to life, to opportunity, to chances to help yourself, your family and friends, the world, and the universe.

(Hint: the world needs you!)

Please watch the video, same message, but simpler!

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