Being Bruce -: Bruce and Marge at the Edge Newsletter - What's In a Name?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bruce and Marge at the Edge Newsletter - What's In a Name?

We've changed our coaching newsletter name to Bruce and Marge at the Edge. As we continue to find the best way to present our ideas and to share resources, tools, and strategies for personal and business development, some decisions are tough to make and others are easy - this one was a slam dunk.

If you don't already get our  weekly newletter, we invite you to subscribe by clicking this link. When you go there not only will you sign up for  Bruce and Marge at the Edge but you'll also be sent a link to download Marge's recent book 31 Days to Create Abundance Through Giving as a gift.

Previously our coaching newsletter was titled Passions Lead to Profit, which remains the major theme of many of our coaching programs and services. That name will continue to appear in some places while we move around the web and our various blogs, web sites, and social media sites to change it to Bruce and Marge at the Edge.

Why does a name matter so much? Why not stick with one name? Originally we called the newsletter Bruce Brown at the Edge but changed in favor of our major program theme. Now we've switched back to the people and included both Marge and I, which feels very right to both of us.

While the e-newsletter name has changed, a couple of times now, who we are hasn't  changed and our respective purposes and passions remain the same. We, as individuals, as a couple, and as a company are driven to help other people live extraordinary lives. We focus on both personal and business development coaching because we know that the most successful and happiest people never stop learning and growing in their own development as well as developing their business.

So please join us At the Edge.