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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Marge and Bruce's Menu of Coaching Services - breaking the rules

Okay, so this blog post breaks several major rules for blogs (not laws, mind you, but rules of 'accepted' practice and what's supposed to work and all that).

Here are the rules I'm breaking with this blog post:

1. it's blatantly commercial
2. it's way too long
3. it's mostly text.

Here's why I did it (and yes, I know my high school friends will say it's because I've always been a rule-breaker, but let's let that one go...for now):

A. We've had questions from family, friends, past clients, and even current prospects about what it is we "really do". We've been in transition for the past three years and now are on a pretty clear path - clear to us, that is, but it hasn't always been clear to others. So this post is our attempt to answer those questions.

B. We're also pretty tickled with the array of services we've developed. This menu-style format helps us help prospects and clients choose what's right for them at any given time and also gives us a clear overall view of what we're up to.

So that's it. Here's our menu:

Individual Coaching
Passion Test One to One Consultation—Two sessions—You will gain clarity in personal, career, business, and relationship direction and decision making.

Private Coaching— Ad hoc, hourly by arrangement—You will have a strong partner in personal or business development.

Harness a Lightning Bolt—Short Term Intensive Coaching (10 days) – For those with a sense of urgency seeking significant change business or career change or development in a short period of time.

Quarterly Private Coaching Programs—Three month programs—Accomplish one to three major goals.

Sports Performance Mental Edge Training– Customized training in visualization, relaxation, and positive mental techniques for competitive athletes.

Full Day Intensive Coaching—One person, couple, or single company (2 people) results-focused program

Group Programs and Coaching
 Passion Test Workshop—Three hour participatory workshop—Learn the process for discovering and working with your passions.

Bruce and Marge Live! – Weekly coaching teleseminars with email participation—Presentation and study of a variety of relevant business and personal development topics.

Passions Lead to Profit Kick Start Program— A month-long program to learn and apply the Passions Lead to Profit program to your business.

31 Days to Results—Mini-Mastermind Coaching Groups—Topic-specific, results-focused month-long small group projects with defined deliverables.

Full Day and Multi-Day Intensive Coaching—Two-to-six person results-focused programs

Digital Publications
Bruce and Marge at the Edge—Weekly newsletter—Personal and business development articles and connection with us.

31 Days Mastery Books—Self-paced business and personal development mastery book series.

Passions Lead to Profit—Ebook and home study program to build business in alignment with passions. (In development)

Passions Lead to Clients—Ebook and home study program for client or customer attraction via passions. (In development)

Passions Lead to Purpose—Ebook and home study program to find your life purpose via passions. (In development)

Support Services and Products
Fat City Cards—Greeting Card Marketing System