Being Bruce -: Wilmington Professional Group at Past, Present, Future Digital 4-14-10

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wilmington Professional Group at Past, Present, Future Digital 4-14-10

Yesterday's weather wasn't quite as stunningly beautiful as the rest of the week, but that didn't stop harm the turnout at the Wilmington Professional Group's outdoor networking event at Josh Caine's Past Present Future Digital.

Below co-host T. Neal Whittington made sure everyone had what they needed.

Stephanie Willliams of Edward Jones was the sponsor for the event. That's Stephanie below, the blond woman with the gray top. You can also see behind and in front of the table (to the right of Neal) Sandy Powell, Hair Color Specialist of North Kerr Spalon & WPG Event Coordinator (waving hello with a big smile), entrepreneur Arian Kelley, Jon Hicks of Ethos Design, and accupuncturist Kris Peterson.

Another person who always has a smile is Thornton Burgess of Jubilee Snooze and Cruise - the B&B on a 45 foot yacht.

Eleazar Herrera and Manual Lopez both of Ethos. Manual's the one bustin' a move.

So, with no moves going on, here are Manual, Jon, an Eleazar.

Funny how you can always pick David Merrill out in a crowd. I guess it's because of his height?

And Michael Byrd of Wordwright Web is a standout because he's always nattily attired with shirt, tie, and pleated pants.

Three favs in this shot, Stylist Supreme Melissa Kinnamon (of Nsalo Salon), her spouse Klif Kinnamon of Zutu Marketing, and, making his approach from the background, Ken Schiess of HdVest.

It was a good time. Thanks to all, especially Josh, Sandy, Arian, and Neal for organizing and hosting the event. And Stephanie, thanks for putting on the generous spread!