Being Bruce -: Passions Lead to Profit in Southport

Friday, April 30, 2010

Passions Lead to Profit in Southport

These four swings on a brick walkway are opposite Waterfront Park in Southport, North Carolina. Marge and I drove to Southport for a Passions Lead to Profit breakfast seminar yesterday and were a bit early so we drove to the waterfront.

Marge at Waterfront Park. Notice the bird sitting on top of the light and the two crossing ferries on the water in the back right.

Me in the same park. Same bird, same ferries.

Our breakfast group gathered at Surfer's Restaurant. Marge on the left, Betty Nash, Lauren Formalarie, Debbie, Dan Boone, and Norman Formalarie.

Marge, Betty, Lauren and I had our photo taken with Dolly (the mannequin) before we left.

We had a good time and enjoyed talking with Betty, Debbie, Lauren, Dan, and Nolan about the four P's of our Passions Lead to Profit system.