Being Bruce -: Stevens Fine Homes Hosts HBA Parade of Homes Party at South Brook

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stevens Fine Homes Hosts HBA Parade of Homes Party at South Brook

We just got back from a great party at Stevens Fine Homes South Brook neighborhood model home in the back of Mallory Creek in Winnabow, NC. Stevens Fine Homes hosted the party in conjunction with the Home Builders Association as part of this Spring's Parade of Homes.

This home model, BTW, is unbelievably spacious and priced at just $72 a square foot including the lot! Wow, you must see it to believe how much space is in this home that starts at a base price of just $229,000. If you're in the market for a new home and aren't already working with another agent, I'd be honored to show you this model. Marge was so impressed she said she might even consider having more kids so we could buy one and fill it up! (May need some re-thinking here. But seriously, everyone who tours this house is blown away by the space for the money. Wow!)

Jenny Steele, Charlotte Palmer, and Craig Stevens, all with Stevens Fine Homes were the hosts and had drawings where they gave away $100 bills.

The party was catered by Middle of the Island, which is always a hit, and there were plenty of eager eaters on hand.

Even Madonna Nash, who provided the entertainment, took a turn at the buffet line.

And here's Madonna performing. She's a local artist who's making a lot of noise on the regional music scene (good noise, that is . . . seems like everyone I talk with has heard of her). She has a lot of followers and avid fans . . . including me!

Thanks once again, Jenny and Craig, for a nice party. We're pleased Stevens Fine Homes is doing so well this year and this model with it's huge bang for the buck signals continued success for the rest of the year.

(No joke, folks, you gotta see this house! I know I promote stuff and get all excited and everything, but this house is an incredible value!)