Being Bruce -: My Adventure with Dancing with the Brunswick Stars - Journal Entry 2

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Adventure with Dancing with the Brunswick Stars - Journal Entry 2

So tomorrow is the big day. Well, actually it's the first big day. Tomorrow I go to Brunswick Community College to meet with the other "Stars" of Dancing with the Brunswick Stars (may I shorthand it as DTWBS?) and also to meet my professional partner. They're having a luncheon and a photo op and I guess some TV and press coverage. Woohoo!

I'm pretty pumped about this competition/fund raiser. This will be the third and last year the college has a DWTBS fundraiser. Apparently so many other schools and places are using this format it's getting hard to get professionals to commit the time and energy required (they volunteer, you know). That seems too bad because last year DWTBS raised more than $336,720 which provided 200+ scholarships! Why mess with something that's working so well?

Anyway, it's not my concern. My concern is doing a good job in this competition, which means both doing my best on the dance floor the night of the competition (August 6th, btw) AND helping to raise scholarship money in the form of ticket sales and I imagine other means as well.

The past two years Dinah Gore has won the competition and I understand she's a fabulous dancer and also a great fundraiser. I guess there were rumors or maybe an earlier decision that she wasn't going to compete this year, but the latest word is that she's in! That's very cool. I'm looking forward to meeting her.

I'm not supposed to know who my professional partner is till tomorrow, but someone gave me a hint. I won't mention her name (just in case there are changes or I'd embarrass someone), but will be sure to report on it after I really meet her. I'll try to get some photos, too, of the luncheon tomorrow and the various goings on. Maybe I can get a short video or two, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

One thing I've heard about the competition is that this year there's a Hollywood theme. I also heard, sort of off hand and maybe it was a test, that my pro is considering doing a Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers number. Hmmm, I'm not sure I can do elegant. I do own a tux and will likely be able to fit in it by contest time (for sure not right now), but I'm kinda hoping we do something like "Footloose" or "Dirty Dancing." If my pro happens to read this ahead of time, I'm much more a hard rock kinda guy. I won't say I detest slow music, because I'm sure I don't have to, but my idea of an ideal song is something by a band with three guitars and a drummer who takes charge. Maybe I should burn a copy of my "Bruce's Car Cuts" mix to give my pro an ideal of the kind of music I like. Let's put it this way, my car radio was (literally) engineered to be heard at 155MPH with the top down and I like to play it with the top up! Back in the day when I was going to 7-9 aerobics classes a week I was always in the front row and always the one hollering "Turn it UP!!" And I now have the tinnitis to prove it, but nothing else has changed about my taste in music. So, what do you think? Have I made my point here?

I'd be very happy to hear what YOU think I should ask for as a song to dance to. Please comment on this blog and I'll pass it on to my pro, whoever she turns out to be.

BTW, there are going to be three winners this year. The Categories are: Best Choreography, Most Entertaining and Best Fundraiser.

- Brown Out