Being Bruce -: Special Invitation - Come to Saturday's Wilmington Bloggers Meetup

Friday, May 15, 2009

Special Invitation - Come to Saturday's Wilmington Bloggers Meetup

There is a method to my over-the-topness about this meeting. It has to do with lunch.

But let's get to the point.

Tomorrow, Saturday May 16th, from 10AM till noonish, the Wilmington Bloggers Meetup group will meet at Connections Cafe on Racine Drive. It's free, it's fun, and the people are friendly.

We've been meeting pretty much informally since November, talking first about blogging but in more recent months a lot about Twitter and using Twitter, FaceBook, and blogs, along with other social media and websites. People who come are all knowledge and experience levels and everyone is generous and helpful with information and tips. It's a cool concept, like, in-person social networking about on-line social networking.

And I'm sorta pressuring Kirsty Piper into sharing some of what she knows (which is a whole lot) about blogging and social media and marketing in a presentation to the group. It's really "sorta" pressuring because she's very generous and I'm sure will want to help anyone.

And here's the lunch part. When we heard the Star-News folks were all off this weekend at some event (our group meets the 3rd Saturday of each month, so mark your calendar now if you can't make this one), I challenged Kirsty to see which of us could invite/entice/cajole the most people to the meeting so more can share. And, whichever of us gets the greater guests, gets lunch bought by the other. I can see the menu now . . .

So seriously, come on over. You can't know too little and you can't know too much. We're all learning about this stuff every day!

Oh, and tell us Bruce sent you! LOL