Being Bruce -: NBCC Ribbon Cutting - Fat City Cards/SendOutCards

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

NBCC Ribbon Cutting - Fat City Cards/SendOutCards

Today was a special one for Marge and I. This morning we had a ribbon-cutting for our SendOutCards independent distributorship, which we call Fat City Cards. A nice crew of folks, some of whom are in this photo, turned up for the ceremonical cutting, which we held at the NBCC offices, followed by lots of guilt-free pastries, cakes, donuts, and coffee, etc.

As is probably apparent if you read this blog with any regularity, Marge and I are very active in NBCC activities. I belong as a representative of Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty and now Marge has joined for Fat City Cards.

It's a privilege to be part of this active, growing chamber of commerce in an equally active, growing part of the country. We've made many new friends since we moved to the area, among native Lelanders and people from "away".

OK, so what's up with the company name "Fat City Cards?", people have asked. The answer is in the definition of the term "Fat City". In Wiktionary, the Wikipedia-like free online dictionary, the definition is "an extremely comfortable situation or condition of life." Another definition we like is "a condition of continuous prosperity." Does that work for you, too?

And what exactly is it we do in Fat City Cards/SendOutCards? It's a system that makes it Easy, Fast, and Inexpensive to send real, printed and mailed, personalized greeting cards to friends, clients, prospects, and basically anyone to who you want to express appreciation or build a relationship. We use it in our business and personal lives and help others do the same - it's especially powerful for relationship marketing (building and maintaining client and customer relationships). Happy to talk with you about it. Or, just go for a free test drive and send a card at our expense with no obligation: go to, click on "Send a Free Card" and see what you think.

We've recently introduced an affinity program for NBCC members by which Chamber members can sign up with SendOutCards via the Chamber in a program that financially benefits the members AND the Chamber. For info on that program feel free to contact me directly or call Marge at (910) 431-1508.

But back to today's ribbon-cutting. It was fun, the gigantic ceremonial scissors really are "real" and we had a good time. We played some videos from last night's Excellence in Education meeting and that was fun, too.