Being Bruce -: Can You Tell What This Is?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Can You Tell What This Is?

We were on a walk in Annsdale Park in Brunswick Forest in Leland, NC and noticed something up ahead. Can you tell what it is?

Look on the ground, just off the sidewalk on the right side a bit before the tree.

A closer look, can you tell yet?

Can you see now?

Now you can see the nesting bird, right?

I was able to get very close and she (I presume) didn't move a bit.

Later in the day we came back and this is what we saw:

The mother bird and the father, who's also in the area and sometimes does a decoy act sort of on his side with his wing up and squawking like he's injured, were both around, and not very upset - I think they were feeding. The next time we walked by the mom was back on the nest.