Being Bruce -: Director's Cut - The Other End of the Lens - Extended Edition

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Director's Cut - The Other End of the Lens - Extended Edition

I did not take the amazing photo below. Logan Wallace did.

A funny thing happened on the way to the quesadilla. Oh, no, wait, wrong movie. I'm actually a little flustered by an experience last week. You see I normally run around lots of events in Leland and Wilmington, NC, digital camera and recently Flip HD camcorder in hand, taking shots and clips of other people.

Last Tuesday the hotshoe was turned (that's a camera joke, for those who are now convinced I'm losing it). Logan Wallace, a Leland resident and professional freelance photographer was on an assignment for NBM Magazine to catch me in action, or inaction, if that were the case. Here's Logan, below, with her camera with the shorter lens (it looked big enough to signal between submarines, but what do I know?).
Logan met me at the Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty office in the late afternoon toting cameras I thought only National Geographic photogs and sports photographers used - you know the camera with the long white lens that you see flying in the air at basketball end zones when 250 pound 7-foot forwards crash the boards and keep on going into the photographer zone.

But anyway, Logan came with a couple humungous cameras, some cool little wireless remote fill lights, and took about forty gazillion photos. Then she came along to an event, wanting to catch me actually moving around rather than sitting or standing and smiling. Turns out that evening Marge and I were going to an editorial planning meeting for Forest View, a resident-written publication about life in Brunswick Forest. The meeting was at the new restaurant in front of Waterford, Mexican Viejo, so Logan came, too, and shot some more pictures while I did my thing, shooting stills of the people at the meeting and the food they ate. Not gonna show those here because someone else is using those photos for an article in Forest View and she gets first dibs.

So this shot below, which will not be in the Forest View article, is of Logan shooting me while I shot the other folks.

Logan didn't even stick around for a fajita, let alone have any of the jalepeno poppers we had for appetizers. I guess that's what real photographers do; they show up, don't yammer their heads off like that guy in the mirror, and go home.

If you'd like to see some of Logan's gorgeous work, check out her website at or e-mail her at .

Thanks, Logan, it was nice to meet you. I hear the photos came out great and I appreciate your putting up with me.