Being Bruce -: Grayson Park REALTOR luncheon in Leland, NC

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Grayson Park REALTOR luncheon in Leland, NC

This week I took at trip to Grayson Park in Leland, North Carolina to a REALTOR luncheon. Grayson Park is a community of several neighborhoods, all built by Stevens Fine Homes of Wilmington.

The building below is the gorgeous community clubhouse, behind which is a super pool and tennis courts.

The photo below is me trying to be artistic with flowers, nice wooden doors, and white rocking chairs. This shot also was taken in front of the clubhouse.

On-site agents for Grayson Park at Stan Powell and Cynthia Rehberg. In the video clip below Cynthia says hello.

We were very pleased to discover that Personal Chef and old friend Lori Eaton of Eaton at Home was catering the event. Good stuff. Lori is a much celebrated local chef and caterer and has also written extensively about cooking.

I even talked Lori into saying a few words for the camera:

I'd be honored to show you around Grayson Park, other Stevens Fine Homes neighborhoods in the area, or even other new home communities in the greater Leland area. Call me anytime at (910) 297-8753 or e-mail .