Being Bruce -: Dogs and Music at Paw Jam, Crafts and Business at Waterford May Day - A Leland Spring Saturday

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dogs and Music at Paw Jam, Crafts and Business at Waterford May Day - A Leland Spring Saturday

Saturday May 2nd, 2009 was a typical busy day in the greater Leland area. Simultaneous events ran on the western bank of the Cape Fear River at USS North Carolina Battleship Park and at the Shoppes of Waterford in front of Waterford of the Carolinas. These events played against a backdrop of the 2009 Spring Parade of Homes thoughout our whole area.

As points of "technical fact" neither of the events, Paw Jam 2009 or May Day at Waterford actually took place in Leland, though most people would think so and say so. Battleship Park is on a small slice of land west of the Cape Fear River that's actually part of the City of Wilmington in New Hanover County and the Shoppes of Waterford are in an area that's actually a segment of incorporated Belville. Whatever, we'll assert that they were in the greater Leland area and move right along.

Paw Jam is an annual event, this was the 8th year, that combines lots of dog-related, dog-fun activities and booths. It's held in Battleship Park in the shade (almost) of the battleship USS North Carolina in a grassy park that's right on the river. It's a convenient, pretty site, with plenty of parking. The first 7 years Paw Jam was held in early June but the past 3 years it was so hot for dogs and people this year they decided to try early May. It was still warm, but not hot, though it was a bit windy at first and some very light rain fell late morning.

One of the first people Pepper and I saw when we entered Paw Jam (which benefits animal rescue centers throughout the area) was Anna Platz, a young old friend.

Here's the official poster for the event (I intentionally made this the second image in this blog post so Anna and Pepper's photo would show up in RSS feeds).

As you can see, there were plenty of booths, many under trees.

Looking the other way.

There was a large tent for shade in the middle of the park and plenty of water buckets. Here's Pepper doing her best to drain a large water container. Someone soon after said, "Ew, your dog slobbered on me." LOL, not exactly, but her beard does carry a bunch of water if not wiped.

Our buddies Mike and Meredith Moshofsky had a booth backing up to the river. Meredith sells Flint River Ranch human-grade dog and cat food. See those blue tubs in the background? Those were there for dog cooling - didn't need 'em as much this year as in recent years, but great that they were there.

When the band started playing Pepper paid attention.

Some more booths on the river, with the Riverside Hilton and PPD building in the background across the river.

We had a nice time at Paw Jam 2009 but also wanted to go to the May Day event at Waterford.

This was the first time the Waterford Shoppes had an event in the spring - last year's Fall Festival was the first and it was rockin'. This season's event was a bit more laid back - possibly because the wind was so heavy in the early AM some vendors decided not to set up.

The electric bikes and scooters were there in force, however.

As was the ices booth.

Some really nice crafts booths.

Artists, businesses, and restaurants.
An animal rescue group.

King Tiger Martial Arts school, with loads of demonstrations.

Our always buddies from NBM Magazine - including Ava Williams, who was on hand but is hard to see in the photo.

Artist Ronald Williams displayed orginal coastal and landscape art.

The electric scooter guy

The ever-ebulliant Bullards of Bugsy's Cigars!

And Diane and Jay Merritt of Victory Church - good friends involved with Manna Minstries.

Overall a fine day in Great Leland!