Being Bruce -: Wilmington NC Bloggers In the Flesh!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wilmington NC Bloggers In the Flesh!

Saturday morning at Connections Cafe on Racine in Wilmington, North Carolina, a scant score of area bloggers met for coffee, conversation, and shared convivial consciousness around social media. Called to meet IRL ("in real life" not in Ireland) by Star News Executive Editor Robyn Tomlin, the group crossed lines of gender, hue, age, physical ability, employment status, blogging experience, and consensual texting preferences.

In short, it was a hoot. Two and a half hours of sit down talking passed quickly and most hung in the whole time - fully half stayed after and chatted standing up - not sure everyone has left even now, 4 hours later, (actually, I think there's one guy who lives at Connections, but that's another story).

What did we talk about? Well . . . how about commercial versus personal uses of social media? We focused on Twitter, blogging, and Facebook but another eighty gazillion or so sites, services, gidgets or wadgits received at least quick mention. We also discussed online stalking and safety, the spirit and practice of giving, community versus national sites, and how news is gathered, handled, and presented in these days of instant communication everywhere by pretty much everyone.

We may meet again in a month or so - likely in the same location, but in the meantime agreed to tag our local-focused Twitter and blog entries with #ILM so they can be harvested or fed to a central site. News at 11 on where and how.