Being Bruce -: Ashton Place Grand Re-Opening in Leland - A Real Estate Success Story!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ashton Place Grand Re-Opening in Leland - A Real Estate Success Story!!

Paige Robinson of Brookside Homes and good friend Landon Barker stood in the chilly air and welcomed visitors to Paige's Grand Re-Opening Event today. In less than a year after opening Ashton Place on Old Fayetteville Road in Leland, Paige held a Grand Re-Opening luncheon for REALTORS(tm) today. The old model home used to be right by the entrance but the new model home, a design called the Bradley Creek(see photo below), is halfway back in the community. REALTORs like to eat, a lot, and Middle of the Island caterers did their usual fine job, this time under a tent - it was a bit brisk to say the least today, temperatures were still in the low 50's at midday (yeah yeah, we know you Northeners are snickering - but hey, we expect and usually get GREAT WEATHER year round, so snicker at that!).

The three biggest factors in Ashton Place's success in this time when many are bewailing the real estate market? That's easy: price; design; and build quality. Oh yeah, and there are three more: location; location; and location. The convenient Ashton Place placement is pretty much smack in the middle of Leland, close to schools, post office, library, both the older and rapidly expanding newer retail areas, and don't forget its great access to major highways.

In all there are seven home plans at Ashton Place priced under $200,000! How cool is that? No wonder that in this time when mortgage money is still a bargain and plentifully available for folks who qualify Ashton Place is a poster community for success. The price is right. If you'd like to tour Ashton Place and would like a buyer's agent to represent you, I'd be honored to assist you - please call my cell phone at 910-297-8753 or e-mail me at You can also look for other homes via my website.