Being Bruce -: Sunday AM at Wrightsville Beach - Surfers, Bikers, and Pepper!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday AM at Wrightsville Beach - Surfers, Bikers, and Pepper!

What a great time we had at Wrightsville Beach this morning. Dogs on leash are allowed on the beach October through April, so Marge and I put Pepper, our 8-year old female Giant Schnauzer, in the car and headed out early.

Those who don't live around here may not know that Wrightsville Beach has the best surfing on the East Coast, but truly year round, in almost any weather, you can find surfers on WB. So it wasn't unusual when Pepper made her first new friends of the day fresh out of the surf.

As we walked further down the beach we realized something was up, however, as the number of photographers with long lenses outnumbered everyone but the surfers. Turns out this weekend was the occasion of a surfing competition hosted by the SurfRiding Foundation.

Pepper enjoyed hanging out in front of the judge's stand for a while - she particularly liked the music.

Like most people, however, her eyes were glued on the 10s and 10s of surfers in the water. My camera isn't right for capturing images out that far, but the water was popping with wet-suited surfers, and many were waaaay much better than the usual Sunday morning crowd.

Pepper also met a young guy who took a break from competing to ride a blow up shark.

Here's the same guy with some friends in the water.

As we were leaving Pepper spied some folks on bikes and, well, she just can't stay away from motorcycles. So, the next thing we knew she wanted her picture taken with the bikers. Fortunately they were happy to oblige.

We left the beach to go home for lunch and to do a few chores. Pepper didn't want to leave at first, but we promised we'd take her downtown later.