Being Bruce -: Why Being Last on This List Saves You Money!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Why Being Last on This List Saves You Money!!

OK, Wilmington and Leland, we're used to being among the first, best, most, or fastest on lots of lists compiled by various regional, national, and even international entities. So here's a list on which North Carolina scores last among all 50 states - and it's a good thing! Why is that?
The list in question is the cost of real estate closings. North Carolina scores the 50th spot in the country according to this report published on MSN. Meaning that, on average, buyers and sellers pay less in this state for a closing than in ANY OTHER STATE! So how cool is that?
This isn't the place to get into the whole Title vs. Attorney closing issue, but many do argue that closing costs are less in states where closings are not performed by the same entity that issues the title insurance. North Carolina is an Attorney state and our ranking on this list may be evidence of it being a good thing!