Being Bruce -: Embrace Change In Your Business

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Embrace Change In Your Business

Face it. Change, in life and in business, is not only inevitable, it's the natural state. You can't avoid it, you can't fight it and win, and you can only ignore change at peril to your personal serenity and business success.

Change is constant. Change is healthy. Change is opportunity. Change is your chance to excel.

The NASA photo in this post shows the Helix Nebula (the photo is a composite taken via the Hubble Space Telescope). Think exploding star. Now there's change for you. According to NASA astronomers the distance from the front to the back of the image is approximately one trillion miles (and I don't care what you've got in your Mustang, THATS a long distance). As you can see, even during the nebula's time of great change, it is amazing and beautiful - this photo, btw, is often referred as the "Eye of God". All that's changing in this photo, however, is the state of the matter and energy that made up the nebula, they still exist, but in a different state and form.

You, too, can be amazing and beautiful during times of change. It's a choice.

Many speak of postive attitude. When faced with change, positive attitude is healthy, in fact it's imperative for survival, but even more important is positive action. Start by thinking positively about change in your business - that enables you to "feel" postive, but the greatest benefit comes when you take positive action.

I will write more about change in business and how to predict and plan for it. The first step is to accept and surrender to change. That surrender enables you go forward boldly. The better you predict, plan, and take action the more success you will enjoy. But do not think you'll rest in your success, that you'll "finally get there" - because change won't stop.

You can resist change and fail, or at best have a miserable time. You also have the choice to accept change and excel, profit, and have a great time. The choice is yours.