Being Bruce -: My Bucket List Homework Assignment

Friday, December 14, 2012

My Bucket List Homework Assignment

OK, so I attended a Reggie Shropshire seminar this week. It was about making 2013 the most rockin' year ever with a full-tilt business plan (not exactly the title).

I figured, hey, I might pick up some good tidbits at the course and meet some fun folks plus I like Reggie so that would be cool, too.

I didn't know he was gonna deluge us with an outpouring of useful tips, techniques, tools, and strategies for building a business systematically according to plan. Whoa. Loads of stuff.

But guess where he started? With a bucket list. He gave us a link to some general tips for writing a bucket list plus access to a list of 535 possible items - just to prime the bucket list pump, as it were.

Well I've never done a bucket list before. No time like the present, so here I go - but I'll consider it a work-in-progress to add to later on.

(Process note: I'm going to start with Reggie's categorized sample topics and then take off from there, so it may be organized in the beginning, but I'm not pledging to stick to anything resembling organization.)

1. Take horseback riding lessons
2. Get new rollerblades and become a power blader
3. Learn how to waterski on one ski
4. Earn two belts above "no belt" in Akido
5. Become fluent in French and Spanish
6. Become fluent in Esperanto and Ito
7. Take drum, bass, piano, and guitar lessons.
8. Set up my own recording studio and record music with family and friends for fun
9. Get certified as a Zumba instructor
10. Take Argentine Tango lessons with Marge
11. Take Carolina Shag, Texas Two-Step, or California Swing lessons with Marge
12. Ride cross country with one or both of my sons on motorcycles
13. Visit the Galapagos with Marge
14. Live in Cuenca, Ecuador for 3 months with Marge
15. Live in Brittany for 3 months with Marge
16. Live in Cornwall for 3 months with Marge
17. Live in Uruguay for 3 months with Marge
18. Play soccer with my daughter and her kids
19. Visit Ireland, Paris, Greece, Istanbul, and Iceland with Marge
20. Take a river cruise across western Europe with Marge
21. Live in Costa del Sol for 3 months with Marge
22. Spend a week in Paris with at least 4 hours a day in the Louvre
23. Regularly attend Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfied, and David Neagle's events (1 each per year for each)
24. Spend a week on Richard Branson's island with other entrepreneurs (and RB, of course)
25. Set up a giving foundation that focuses on 10 defined charitable organizations.
26. Found a nonprofit that works with churches to promote wellness through exercise and nutrition
27. Celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary at the Harbor View in Edgartown with the whole family for a week.
28. Have homes in Portland, Maine and Wilmington, NC.
29. Build a list of 100 people I've helped become millionaires and 1,000 people I've helped become successful, self-supporting entrepreneurs.
30. Have a succession of Schnauzers, always at least one.
31. Live one day longer than Marge
32. In home gym, meditation area, recording/video studio, and kick-ass office/library combo.
33. Great working kitchen with adjacent open dining area to seat 10-16
34. Take all grandkids to see the Rockettes at Christmas.

OK, so that's what I've got so far.