Being Bruce -: Enjoying Birthdays Like Never Before!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Enjoying Birthdays Like Never Before!

Saturday was my birthday and I had a blast! Marge and I had fun talking with our children and grandchildren on the phone and we had some very special meals. Because it was the weekend we spread the celebration over two days!

We also spent time with our local Team Beachbody Coaches, first at a meeting Saturday morning and then painting our new team office and training center in Wilmington. So that was a load of fun.

Facebook added a whole other element to my birthday observance and for me it's a highlight of my year in social media. I totally LOVE hearing from people from my past and current life and really enjoy writing to everyone who pops up with a birthday wish.

This year I had more than 400 people wish me happy birthday on Facebook, staring first with folks from Turkey, Sweden, Germany, and Japan and then later the United States. It was great fun to see the messages, graphics, videos, and photos show up on my Timeline.

Starting on Sunday morning I commenced to write answers. I wrote a stock thank you for folks I don't really know all that well, and in it I included a link to a free download to our latest book (it's in launch promotion through Tuesday after which it will no longer be free, so the timing was right - hint: do you think that was coincidence?).

For people I know better, I included a line or two that was more personal. I had a note from Janet Ramsey who I met in 1955 when we were both 8 years old living across the street from each other in Windsor Locks, Connecticut and one from a guy I had coffee with for the first time just last week. I love the range. During the weekend I also had multiple interchanges with people ranging from Shelley Sweeney in Japan, Jane Gudge in Andalusia, Maria Montgomery in South Africa, and Jenny Lundell in Sweden, plus many more from people in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and of course the U.K.


No one sent me this video this year, but this is the one I send on Facebook to others on their birthday.

I wish you the best of the season and an especially great day on YOUR birthday.