Being Bruce -: I Make Money Taking My Clothes Off - You Can, Too!

Friday, December 14, 2012

I Make Money Taking My Clothes Off - You Can, Too!

No, I'm not a stripper, and I'm not hiring strippers.

However, I did learn this week that I'm the male November Beachbody Challenge winner in the 50+ age group. As part of the Beachbody Challenge entry submission process I had to submit before and after photos. Here's what I sent:

By winning the monthly prize I'm getting a check for $1,000 and will also be in a quarterly vote where I'll compete with 24 people for a $5,000 prize and in an annual vote for a grand prize of $100,000. So wish me luck.

But you know what? It's not really about the money. The first important factor here is I took control of my fitness and health (I also got off cholesterol drugs in the process). And here's the second big deal about this for me: you can do it, too!

Every day someone wins $500 from Beachbody from entries by customers and Coaches in the Beachody Challenge. Each month there are 8 $1,000 winners. Besides the money though (and yeah, you can believe it, that when the check arrives I will definitely cash it), but besides the money the greatest gain we get from the Beachbody Challenge is improved fitness, better weight management through exercise, nutrition, and support, better health overall, and a big boost in self-esteem that we're taking care of ourselves (as we knew we should all along).

So consider it. Are you ready to get fit and healthy? Is it finally time for you to take charge and take control? I'd love to work with you if you are, just give me a shout or check me out at

And, if you'd like to make some money taking of your clothes (or most of them anyway), let's help you to your own fitness transformation and get a great set of before and after photos and a winning story to go with it.

One way to go down this path is being part of a Beachbody Challenge Group. I'm running a P90X Challenge Group (which is the exercise program I use) that's open to everyone starting January 7, 2013. For more details check out my Facebook page:

Lets's get fit, get healthy, and, if you're up for it, let's make money!