Being Bruce -: P90X Certification

Thursday, October 27, 2011

P90X Certification

Get P90X Certified!

Whether you are (or want to be) a:


Click the button below and mention "P90X Certification" in the subject line.

Be one of the first to get P90X Certified.
You'll have the credibility and opportunity to motivate, inspire, and train others. Just like P90X, Certification is real training and includes:
  • An online qualifying course
  • Intensive, 2-day, live training with certified trainers
  • A resource manual
  • A physical certificate and an electronic badge
Build a business through Certification: Whether you want to teach in a gym environment, pump up your success as a Beachbody® Coach, or just increase your Xpertise in P90X—Certification will help you Bring It better!

Of course P90X Certification isn't for everyone, but if you:
  • Know you definitely want to do it
  • Think you might want to do it
  • Know someone else who you're pretty sure would want to do it
  • Just want some more information

    Tell Me - You'll Be Among the First to Get the Details

    If you haven't done a round of P90X yet but have wanted to, check out my P90X Challenge Group, starting November 15th (contact me asap for details, this group is limited to 5 participants). You will be in the best shape of your life AND you'll be ready to:
    Get P90X Certified!
Click the button below and mention P90X Certification in the subject line.