Being Bruce -: End of the 90-Day Challenge - The Results Post

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

End of the 90-Day Challenge - The Results Post

OK, so this 90-Day Challenge is over.My weight, body fat percentage, and BMI are now all within healthy ranges for my age, gender, and height. So that's triple win because back in January I was significantly into the "not fit" category, a euphemism for "overweight".

At the end of this challenge. I've lost an even 20 pounds and am now. in my healthy weight range. My body fat down to 17%, better than target 18%, is at the top of the range for fit males my age. My BMI score, which is really just a calculation based on height and weight, is now in the healthy range.

So those numbers all are way better than when I started in January. I ended up picking up a couple pounds at the end because my exercise level has been less than even my pre-challenge normal for the past two weeks due to a lingering Spring cold. Since the only significant change in my life was using Shakeology (affiliate link) as a meal replacement, I'm going to credit the 20 pounds I lost to Shakeology.

The chart below shows my start and ending numbers.

Overall Progress
Bruce's Progress Chart 1/20/2011 4/20/2011 4/20/2011
Start Today 90-Day Goal % of Goal
Weight (lbs) 181.5 161.5 150 63.5.%
Body fat % 25 17 18 114.3%
BMI (Body Mass Index) 27.6 24.6 23 66.2%

I intentionally set a VERY ambitious weight loss goal because I like  challenges and I also knew if I set a moderate goal I might slip and slide  back into my cookie habit. On that score, BTW, I'm happy to report  that I no longer have cravings for cookies - a habit with six decades of  hardening. It took Shakeology, literally, to help me through the first few weeks to lose the cravings - I credit a significant part of the weight loss to the fact that when I have a shake with the low calorie, high protein, nutrition-loaded, low Glycemic Index (24) shake, I am satiated for a long time, usually 6 to 8 hours. Read that 'satisfied', 'not hungry', whatever works for you, for me it means 'not running to the cookie drawer'.

So now I'm at a good weight to start an exercise program. As I wrote in my original post about this challenge, I wanted to focus just on nutrition, and really just on adding Shakeology to my diet, to see the results for me in weight. Shakeology comes with a light exercise program and I used that some, maybe a dozen times in all, but mostly I just did what I usually do, which is go for a 20-40 minute, moderately brisk walk each day. So no big change in exercise for me. The significant difference was change in food intake - and in this case it was substituting Shakeology for my past lunches, which usually were sandwiches and/or leftovers. The other, related change, which was another benefit from Shakeology, was that I didn't snack between meals - because with Shakeology there's no fast sugar burn so I stay feeling full and satisfied. Clearly, it worked for me.

Now what? Well, I'm going to continue with Shakeology, that's for sure. But for me it's time to start focusing on increased exercise. I'd like to get my body weight closer to my  ideal (for height and gender) of 143 pounds, and get my body fat and BMI lower, too, but the real motivator for me is to increase my cardio conditioning, my flexibility, my core strength, and my overall strength. I'm looking forward to all of that, and, of course (here's another pitch), with the vast choice of fitness products from Beachbody I'll have no shortage of choices.

I want to  get rid of this cold and decide which way to go, but I think I'm going  to do a hybrid workout combination for another 90 day cycle. More on  that later, but right now  I'm celebrating - NOT with cake, cookies, and  ice cream!

For those who like this sort of thing, below is a Before photo, taken during the first week of my 90 day challenge.

And here again is a shot from this week.

The difference may not seem all that dramatic, but I can see it, and, believe me, I can feel it. Pick up a 20 pound weight - that's how much less I'm carrying around all the time.

Thanks for reading.