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Friday, December 18, 2009

FREE Newsletter 'Bruce Brown at the Edge'

I'm sitting here grinning while I type. We're about to launch 'Bruce Brown at the Edge', a free weekly e-zine (aka an email newsletter). The content will include short (I promise) pieces with tips, advice, tools, techniques, insights and resources.

(If you'd rather not read the rest but want to subscribe to check it out just fill out the form below)

The consistent theme of the newsletter pieces will be about you being successful. We're calling it 'Bruce Brown at the Edge' because there will be two perspectives:
  • Getting ready to make your next big business or personal leap
  • Actually making the leap into great success and your life purpose
As you know (or will soon find out), I believe we are each here for a unique purpose. Our individual combination of skills and gifts suit us perfectly to attain our purpose. As we learn about or realize our purpose, it's helpful to be sure we're ready to make the leap. Also, if we are truly aligned with our purpose and committed to it, sometimes it's a bit scary to "jump off the edge". And that's why I'm writing this newsletter. It's also why I founded Quantum Results Coaching.

You see, I know my purpose. My purpose is to help as many people as possible become fully successful in life following their passions to achieve their own purpose.

'Bruce Brown at the Edge' will be focused on providing the best information I can to help you get ready to make the leap and then to actually make the leap into the best life you've ever imagined - your personal, unique purpose.

So please subscribe, if you're interested. The first issue will be out soon and I'd love for you to be with us in the beginning. You can always easily subscribe and don't worry, we won't do anything bad with your email address like sell it or share it with others - we promise.

It's easy to subscribe to 'Bruce Brown at the Edge'. Just fill in the form below. And please, feel free to forward this info to others.

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