Being Bruce -: Another Striking Bouquet from Moxie Floral Design Studios

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another Striking Bouquet from Moxie Floral Design Studios

One of my great pleasures this year (it's still 2009 as I write this) was getting re-acquainted with Cynthia Lee and meeting Djenana Ninkovic, who together run Moxie Floral Design Studios on Princess Street in downtown Wilmington.

When I'm downtown and have money burning in my pocket I often stop in to buy flowers for Marge. Well, I was downtown this morning and had some money so I did it again!

In the photo below it's Djenana Ninkovic, who put together this elegant bouquet in almost no time. I asked her to laugh, she did, I took the photo and here you have it:

I couldn't wait to get home to give the flowers to Marge. I didn't have to ask her to smile, as you can see.

For you guys reading this post, do not, ever, ever, ever underestimate how much flowers are appreciated. Probably any flowers are great, but if you can find a design studio like Moxie, that does lots of weddings and other special occasions, and if they get to know you and the woman you're buying flowers for, the results are amazing!