Being Bruce -: Wilmington TweetUp July 16, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wilmington TweetUp July 16, 2009

Sarah Barbee of Fuss Budget Promotions did her promoting thing again, this time with a successful Wilmington Tweetup hosted by the Wilmington Holiday Inn Express off South College Road on Van Campen Boulevard, with adult beverages provided by Front Street Brewery.

In the photo below Bernadette Hayes of N2 Publishing, Susan Kadar of Friendly Computers, and Sarah Barbee are happily networking. Brooke Foreman of RightLeftStudio (left) and Kimberly Brumsey of KB Organic Skin Care and Waxing.

A better shot of Brooke (this time you can see her face). DJ Don Jewell, a local disk jockey.
Gayle Taybor of Glynne's Soaps, Tina Shropshire, and Jennifer Watkins.
Jennifer Watkins and Jessica Howell (Jessica works in promotion and social media for the Holiday Inn Express).
Another shot of Jennifer Watkins.

And another one of Jessica Howell. The smiling woman facing the camera is good friend Katie White, an account rep for Logos Direct.
Marge Brown and Don Jewell.

The lady in the center in black, facing the camera is Pierrette Cornter, Director of Sales for the Holiday Inn Express.Everyone's favorite ActionCoach, Reggie Shropshire, with his daughter.
Sarah Barbee and Brooke Foreman.
Sarah Barbee, Jenn Beddoes of Glynne's Soaps, and Kimberly Brumsey.
Shannan Bowen of Star News Media and Marge Brown.