Being Bruce -: A Quick Trip to North Myrtle Beach

Friday, July 31, 2009

A Quick Trip to North Myrtle Beach

Yesterday, for a change of pace, I went to a Business After Hours. This time, however, it wasn't in Leland, North Carolina, but in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I went down (it's only an hour away) with SendOutCards distributor Kerry Kasotsky to meet some folks and see how they do Business After Hours. The quick answer is they do 'em up pretty fine!

This event was held at a huge spa. There were roughly 80-100 people present.When we signed in (there's Kerry on the right - she's a member, I was a guest), everyone was very friendly.
Catering was provided by The House of Blues and Wild Wings - they were busy!

North Myrtle Beach Chamber's Visitor Center Director Ruth Anne Ellis was a lot of fun. We met her right off - and of course took pictures of each other.
Kerry is a huge fan of The Carolina Oprey and was happy to meet some folks who work there.
Two Chamber ambassadors on hand were Cathy Honeycutt of WFXB Fox TV and Betty Mauney.
I tried a paraffin wax treatment for my hands. It was pretty cool. Well, actually it was sorta hot, the wax, that is, but it wasn't painful, and after a while of course it cooled off, well really it got to room temperature, or maybe skin temperature, but then they took the gloves off and peeled off the extra paraffin and I rubbed the oil in it all felt good. So that's cool.
Just before we left we checked out a couple of energy efficient street cars in the lobby.
I had a good time, we met some nice people, and it was good to experience a Business After Hours event in another area. Thanks, North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce, come up to see us some time!