Being Bruce -: Drive-in art! - Friday night at Spectrum Art and Jewelry - ArtSmartCar!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Drive-in art! - Friday night at Spectrum Art and Jewelry - ArtSmartCar!!

The second Friday of each month from 6-8PM, Star Sosa holds a Second Friday of the Month Party, thinly disguised as an exhibit at her excellent Spectrum Art and Jewelry Gallery at the Forum Shoppes in Wilmington. The party (ooops, exhibit) this month was focused based on the Spectrum's General Manager (and AAiR - awesome artist in residence) Nancy Noel May's ArtSmartCar, a car so cool it has it's own website AND so trendy it's own blog . The ArtSmartCar is wrapped (courtesy of Image Monster, though I'm sure they didn't do it for free) with one of Nancy's works. When Marge and I arrived a bit later than usual around 7:30 - we'd been at the NBCC/WWAY-TV3 Business After Hours in Northwest (see previous blog post) the poor car was by itself (in the fire lane) under a tent and in lights outside in front of the gallery, while all the guests were inside - maybe because that's where the wine was?

So we went inside and what did we see, besides all the happy people? Star and Spectrum Marketing Director and all-round good buddy Nicole Wilkinson (who is also an Art Professor at Brunswick Community College) were actually selling stuff! Yippee! No recession here!

As we always do, Marge and I had a good time at Star's party (there I go again, it's an exhibit and art showing!). We weren't the only ones, either. Look at the photo below to see more happy people:

And some more in this shot:

We had a special treat near the end of the event when Nicole brought out one of Spectrum's most recent marketing pieces, a card they created using SendOutCards, which if you'd like to know about that, please do check out the web site for Fat City Cards, our SendOutCards distributorship.