Being Bruce -: Bruce's Daily Wilmington Area Update January 18, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bruce's Daily Wilmington Area Update January 18, 2009

Welcome. This daily update combines elements I've created, posted elsewhere, or found. This format is a work in progress, comments appreciated. So far comments good, but I'm open to suggestion. - TIA, Bruce

Good morning, Wilmington&Leland&Hampstead. Warming up somewhat; rainy today, high in lo 50s.
To think too long about doing a thing often becomes its undoing." - Eva Young

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A great day yesterday (got a lot done!):

- Great second meeting with great clients listing a great home at a great price in Magnolia Greens . Should be ready to actually list and put on MLS by next weekend! This one will go fast.

- Good negotiation progress for clients who are going to buy very soon in Leland, NC. Can't say much about it, of course, but sure looks good for all involved.

- Spent some time catching up on paperwork at Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty Leland office.

- Marge and I watched the movie Iron-Jawed Angels about the women who fought so hard to get the vote for women in the early 1900's. Powerful stuff, can't imagine what those folks who sacrificed so much would think of people, especially women, who don't exercise their right to vote.

Today I'm looking forward to:

- Research for listing clients and early prep work on marketing materials and campaigns.

- Successfully completing negotiation for some buyer clients.

- Already had some great conversations (online) via FaceBook and Twitter. Lots of people in and out of this country are enjoying success right now . . . not tomorrow or maybe next quarter, but right now!

- In office early to do some paperwork and I wasn't the only one. Other agents, too, hard at work early on a Sunday.

- completing and turning in two articles for Forest View the neighborhood magazine for the community we live in, Brunswick Forest (still gotta do this . . . but got great pics!).

Plus work on Leland, NC new home blog(s), including compilation of stats and pertinent information on the best new home neighborhoods in Leland, NC. My professional goal is to be the prime resource for objective information on the major new home communities in Leland. I'm looking to represent people who want to buy in our great town and area but want an advocate and advisor who can work for them in any of these fine neighborhoods. (Sorry for the sales pitch, but I'm really pumped and passionate about this. I'm nuts about our area and I LOVE helping buyers find new homes, whether it's their first home or their retirement home.)

Here's yesterday's photo from Daily Mugshot:

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